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EMAR (Easdale Foundation for Labour Research), is a London-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting social justice and equality through innovative educational and developmental programmes on labour movements by actively supporting research in the history and politics of working class movements.

EMAR maintains a specialised archive of books, leaflets and other material, related to the working class movement(s) and trade union organisations mainly in Turkey, which is available to researchers working in this area. It is not a lending but reference library, but you are welcome to come visit us and study the books/ journals/ leaflets on site. (Please write to for further information.)

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Announcement - 12 November 2019

Our esteemed seminarist, comrade Dr Francisco Dominguez, has written on the coup d’état in Bolivia.

You can reach his article by clicking here.

Announcement - 01 November 2019

Our esteemed seminarist, comrade Dr Francisco Dominguez, has written on developments in Chile.
You can reach his article by clicking here.

04 June 2019

Dear all,

EMAR Board has recently met and decided that it was time to publish
a Journal in English,  electronically and/or on print.
We have decided that the publication will be bi-annual.
It will be open to public as well as Academy milieux.

The title (which also tells the scope and perspective of it) of the journal is, LABOUR WITHOUT BORDERS, in harmony with the aims and objectives of EMAR as it has been published on our website ( and ).

We hope to complete the necessary technical preparations during the summer break
and will come back to you asap with more detailed information.



31 March 2018

We at EMAR Foundation for Labour Research, London, UK, support and endorse this letter below. It has already been signed by hundreds of distinguished intellectuals from academic centres all over the Europe and wider world.
Open Letter of Support for Students Arrested at Boğaziçi University
in Istanbul, Turkey

As members of academic communities around the world, we strongly oppose the recent arrests and harassment of students at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. On March 19, 2018, students demonstrated against a campus event supporting the Turkish soldiers who fought in the invasion of Afrin, Syria, which was organized by the Society for Islamic Research (İslam Araştırmaları Kulübü). The arrests on campus, as well as subsequent police raids of student homes and dormitories, continue a disturbing trend of criminalizing political speech and dissent in Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has cynically referred to these students as “terrorists”, vowed to expel them from Boğaziçi University, and to deny them the right to study at any other university. We have heard this kind of verbal attack from Erdoğan before and it was followed by the detention of thousands of academics, journalists, artists, and human rights advocates.
We call upon the Turkish government to immediately release all student detainees.
We call upon the Turkish government to immediately cease all investigations and arrests of students exercising political speech.
We express our solidarity with these students, who continue to courageously express their dissent, despite the great risks they face.
We pledge our support to these students through the public and private means available to us.
Signed by …

[Scroll all the way down to add your signature. Your signature will not appear immediately, but the list will be periodically updated. If your organization would like to endorse this letter, add your information as a signature with the word "endorse." Please share this letter with others:]

The membership to the unions affiliated to three big confederations in Turkey, their membership ratios to all union members are given below. The tables are prepared on the basis of the union statistics prepared by the Ministry of Work and Social Security which was published in the latest Official Gazette, on 28/07/2018. EMAR


TURK-IS MEMBER-UNIONS_31012018_20IB_2013-2018

HAK-IS MEMBER-UNIONS_31012018_20IB_2013-2018

DISK MEMBER-UNIONS_31012018_20IB_2013-2018


We have now updated our tables and graphs of number of workers and union members on the basis of the union statistics prepared by the Ministry of Work and Social Security which was published in the latest Official Gazette, on 31/01/2018. To reach them please click here. EMAR


Happy 200th Birthday to you,
Karl Marx, 
The Great Theoretician of 

the Emancipation of Humanity








New Year 2018


Dear All
We in EMAR Wish You a Happy New Year!











207 health professionals, academics, and researchers, and representatives of 25 health and human rights organisations from many countries have published a Statement in the professional Lancet Bulletin (Published Online July 27, 2017 protesting against the latest practices of Erdogan Regime in Turkey.

We hereby republish this statement as we take it from Lancet and publicly state our agreement with this Statement as EMAR. Full text...


We have updated the latest figures on the public employees and their organizations in Service Branches (22.08.2017) based on the recent publication of State Statistics Institution (TUIK)... Full text..


Industrial Branches and Union Membership in Turkey (2013-2018)... Full text

Services Branches and Public Sector Union Membership in Turkey (2005-2017)... Full text


Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 31


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Emar Vakfı Seminer Serisi - 32






Emar Vakfı Seminer Serisi - 29



Emar Vakfı Seminer Serisi - 30




Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 27


Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 28


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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 25


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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 26


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EMAR Seminar - 26

Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 23



Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 24

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 21

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 22





Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 20

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 19

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State Crime

Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 18


Seminar 16

Seminar by PhD candidate Ayse Arslan was interesting and full of discussions.
Ayse told us about the interviews she made with the workers from the textile workshops and a textile factory where she had worked within the framework of her thesis. She conveyed her views on the creation and shaping of the horizontal and vertical relations between the employees at work places. She commented on how the intra-workplace relations have been influenced by the fears of loss of job and worries about vocational progress as they also faced the lack of social security at these mostly illegal workplaces, which usually have dismal H&S records as well as low wage profiles.
Discussions followed the seminar;  some workers from the audience expressed their views, mentioning their experiences from both Turkey and the UK. They pointed to the fact that the real issues for workers remain essentially the same even if the countries differ.

We have made video recording of this seminar as well as the ones before. However, we cannot upload the video of this seminar as the speaker asked us not to. However, you may reach some pictures from the seminar if you tick here...



Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 16

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Seminar 16

Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 17

Seminer Sunum Dosyası: FullText...



Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 14

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 15




Seminar - 15

EMAR & Keele University - One Day Workshop

EMAR & Keele University - One Day Workshop


Soviet Revolution: Lessons to Learn from both the Birth and Fall


One-Day Workshop on the Centenary of 1917 Year of the Two Revolutions in Russia at Keele University on 24th October 2017 has been a successful meeting. It was organised by Keele University, in collaboration with EMAR-Easdale Foundation for Labour Research and Journal of Global Faultlines...

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 13

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Marx’s Original Vision and its 20th Century Distortions

by Nick Rogers, A socialist activist and writer


A number of Marx's key ideas about communist society and how to get there have been distorted by twentieth century socialists. A politics of human emancipation fit for the twenty-first century should build on Marx's original vision.

Marx conceived of communism (as he usually described the future society he envisaged - he generally reserved the term socialism for political trends he disagreed with) and the transition to it as an emancipatory journey. Specifically that the transition to communism involves ending the separation between state and citizenry and the withering away or dissipation of the repressive functions associated with the state (although the administrative functions currently performed by the state will still be necessary in any society).

We have to take the transition to the future society very seriously. The development of democratic and participatory forms is more critical than nationalisation. State ownership (although potentially a transitional form) is not the same thing as socialisation.


Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 12

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 11

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 10

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Emar Vakfı Seminar Series - 9

Seminar Video:

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Seminar - 9


Support Academics for Peace



Emar Vakfı Seminer Serisi - 8

Seminar Video:

Seminer 8

Emar & UEL Common Seminar

Seminar Video:

Seminar PDF's: PDF-1 & PDF-2

Seminer 8


Emar Seminar Series - 7

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Blacklist Video:


Seminer 6

Emar Seminar Series - 6

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Seminer 6

The fifth meeting in the EMAR Seminars Series was done on Friday, October 28th 2016 at Meeting Room 3, Finsbury Park Trust FinSpace N4 London.


The Panel Meeting “TURKEY: QUO VADIS?” had 3 speakers;
Prof M. Sehmus Guzel spoke in Turkish on the “Consequences of the Emergency Regime (OHAL) on the Working Class Movement”. His speech was translated into English. Journalist Kumru Baser made an enlightening powerpoint presentation in English on the “Turkish Coup: What does R.T. Erdogan’s State of Emergency (OHAL) mean for women?” and EMAR Representative Mumin Koseoglu, spoke on “Turkey’s New State of Emergency (OHAL) from A Global Perspective”.  The moderator was Prof Bulent Gokay from Keele University.

Except the obvious lack of enough time for such a big panel discussion and certain difficulties of simultaneous interpretation in Turkish - English, the meeting was successful. As the topic is telling us a continuity in development and yet unfinished political change in the country, it would not be wrong to assume that there will be many more meetings on the topic in the future.
The links for video, pictures, summary of presentations at the meeting can be found on our website.


Prof Dr M. Sehmus Guzel is an internationally renowned expert on the history of working classes and trade unions in Turkey, researching this topic since the 1970s.  He is the author of many books, among which are Turkiye’de İşçi Hareketi, 1908-1984 [Workers Movement in Turkey, 1908-1984] and İşçi Tarihine Bakmak [Looking at Workers History].  Prof. Guzel is continuing his work in France since 1982.


Kumru Baser is a distinguished journalist living in London, who worked as a regional analyst for the BBC Turkish service for decades, currently working as a freelance journalist.


Mumin Koseoglu, is an ICT Engineer living in London since 1990s, is a founder of EMAR. He worked at metal workers’ union Maden-Is before the 1980 military coup and was jailed after the 1980 military coup.



Prof Dr M. Sehmuz Guzel - Seminar Text

Kumru Baser - Seminar Text

Kumru Baser - Slayt

Mumin Koseoglu - Seminar Text

Seminar 5 Video - YouTube


Emar Seminar Series - 5

Emar Seminar 5


Seminar Video

Prof Dr M. Şehmuz Güzel - Speach text

Kumru Başer - Speach text

Kumru Başer - Slayt

Mümin Köseoğlu - Speach text


Emar Seminar Series - 4


Seminar Video:







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Emar Semimar 3


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Emar - Seminer 2

Emar Seminar Series - 1

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Successful 26 February 2016 EMAR SEMINAR

The EMAR Seminar 1 has been given by Mark Bergfeld, as scheduled, on Friday February the 26th at Finsbury Park Trust conference room, in London

The title of the seminar was “They called for workers to come, but humans arrived”. Given the present circumstances of the labour migration in the world, the title was quite reflective. Around 30 academicians and workers have responded to our invitation and filled the Conference Room at Finsbury Park.

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Successful 30 September 2016 EMAR SEMINAR

EMAR Seminar, no.4, happened on Friday, 30 September, in our usual venue at Finsbury Park Trust FinSpace.

The first seminar of this new academic year was on Friday, 30 September.  Our speaker, Dr Elifcan Karacan, presented a very original paper based on her research on the generation of revolutionaries suffered under the oppression of 12 September 1980 military coup d’etat in Turkey.  Elifcan undertook primary research, for her PhD thesis in University of Siegen, Germany, by interviewing two groups of left-wing activists: those who had to leave Turkey and spent decades on exile, and those others who stayed in Turkey and suffered arrest, torture and long prison sentences.  Elifcan Karacan, in her presentation about the remembrance of the 1980, talked about the historical background of the coup in a global context as well as internal political and economic dynamics. By presenting some examples from her empirical research she talked about the main characteristics of remembering the past of the 12 September 1980.  Elifcan argued convincingly that the memory is socially reconstructed and therefore the narratives of the past should be understood within their existing and past social frameworks, and that’s why significantly different experiences of those who stayed and those who left the country shaped their memories of the coup d’etat. There was a very lively participation by the audience and questions and comments touched key aspects of the topic.

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Dear Friends, we had to cancel our June 2016 Seminar (Arap Uprisings, Labour Movements, and the Quest for Socio-Economic Justice” programmed and announced to be given by Dr Ilia Xypolia, University of Aberdeen) as the speaker cannot attend the meeting due to some urgent family emergency.

We're looking forward to meeting you all in September 2016, with our first seminar after the summer break.

Wishing you all a nice summer break.

All the best from EMAR

Successful 27 May 2016 EMAR SEMINAR

EMAR Seminar, no.3, on “Is there an alternative to austerity? International working class viewpoint” happened on Friday, 27 May, in our usual venue at Finsbury Park Trust FinSpace.

Bulent Gokay's talk was on the meaning and consequences of austerity policies implemented by the British and other Western governments as a response to 2007-08 global financial crisis and economic downturn.  Bulent first explained the conditions emerged as a result of the global crisis, and on what justificantion austerity policies were presented by neoliberal governments as the only effective method to deal with the situation.

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Successful 29 April 2016 EMAR SEMINAR

EMAR Seminar, no.2, on “Why is Marx still relevant to understand contemporary capitalist society? A Debate into 'Historical or Structural'?” happened on Friday, 29 April, in our usual venue at Finsbury Park Trust FinSpace.

Our speaker, Demet Parlak, gave an excellent talk on the origins of the debate among Marxists regarding the ‘historical’ and ‘structural’. Demet, a researcher from Marmara University currently a visiting scholar at SOAS, explained the controversy between E. P. Thompson (exemplified in The Poverty of Theory) and Perry Anderson during the late 1970s over the structural Marxism (of Louis Althusser), and summarised the use of history and theory in the politics of Marxist Left since then.

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EMAR Research: Data Updated on 08 April 2016

Working Class of Turkey – Figures on the General Framework for Unionisation


At this stage of our EMAR work on “Working Class of Turkey – Numbers and General Framework for Unionisation”, the tables, graphics and piecharts have been prepared, updated by the end of March 2016 and uploaded to the website.
These tables and graphics are covering two different periods, and virtually two separate sections of the working class due to legal divisions created by the bourgeoisie. Full Text...


Open letter of support for “Academics for Peace” in Turkey

On behalf of Easdale Foundation for Labour Research (EMAR), we strongly oppose the recent ongoing attacks on academic freedom in Turkey.  

More than 1,200 academics from 90 Turkish universities, “Academics for Peace”, signed a statement, “We will not be a party to this crime”, calling on the Turkish state to cease hostilities against its Kurdish citizens. Since the publication of this call for peace, these academics have been subject to a strong sustained campaign of abuse and violence from both the Turkish state and its supporters. Full text...

Our Mission and Objectives

Our world is passing through a major deep transformation period.
As “old”, “outmoded”, “more energy and time consuming”  industries, branches, technologies are in the process of dying, the working and living conditions of the working people are globally set into radical and extremely painful changes from every corner. Mission Full text... Objectives Full text...



EFLR Projects

The Trustees of EFLR have decided on the meeting of 18.02.2014 to give start to two projects.

1.) The Working Class of Turkey – Numerical Data and the General Framework;

2.) The Digitisation of mainly Union publications from Turkey, to create an E-Collection at the Archives of EFLR Library.

Project 1: The Working Class of Turkey – Numerical Data and the General Framework

Project 2: Creation of an E-Library of Union Publications